Wedding Invitation and RSVP Card - 'Rangoli' Gold Turquoise and Ivory from Samvadiya


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Presenting a collection of dream invitations from Samvadiya! Here is some of our recent work that will take your breadth away. With this collection, Samvadiya aspires to reach new heights of creativity with its continuing quest for capturing the essence of 'Indianness'.

These compositions are created by the artist to bring out the extra ordinary and the quintessential opulent presentations of Rajput and Mughal era. Some of these compositions will remind you the thriving creativity of the 'Golden Age' while other will seek to set new trends for the Wedding Samadiya! 

Here's 'The Rangoli - Gold Turquoise' - The tradtional floor art patterns and motifs adopted by Samvadiya as beautiful invitation design. 
Basic set includes:
  • Hardbound panel covered in beautiful floral turquoise and gold print back cover, with invitation mounted on it
  • Outer envelope made from crushed gold handmade paper to hold the hardbound invitation panel.
  • A1 size flat RSVP card
  • A1 size RSVP envelope metallic finish turquoise
The Rangoli on hard bound flat panel finished with maroon and gold and turquoise traditional Indian floral print handmade paper on the back. The invitation panel is made from shimmery gold paper. The Rangoli design is printed with high quality digital printing and the invitation is finished with a tassels around the belly.

This Assembly Includes Format Size
Invitation (mounted on the panel) Flat 6" x 6"
Invitation panel (hardbound) Hard bound  6.25"x 6.25" (approx)
Invitation Outer envelope 6.5 sq. Fits the invite
RSVP Card Flat 3"x 5"
RSVP Envelope metallic A1 or 4 Bar 3-5/8 x 5-1/8
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