Wedding Invitation (Hardbound Panel Style) & RSVP Card - 'Mandu and the Peacock'


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Presenting a collection of dream invitations from Samvadiya! Here is some of our recent work that will take your breadth away. With this collection, Samvadiya aspires to reach new heights of creativity with its continuing quest for capturing the essence of an inspiring wedding invitation.

This composition is inspired by the Mandu Palace in Central India and the eternal royal love story associated with it. This design features a Mandu Palace Chattri (Canopy) with a peacock on its terrace. .

  • Hard Bound Cover Invitation, layered, and printed with your custom wording. A 8.5" by 5.5" hard bound cover is the mounting base for the 1 invitation panels.
  • Hardbound cover is lined with Turquoise, crimson and gold cotton paper with geometric print. The invitation is finished with a muted gold tassel around the belly.
  • RSVP Card printed with custom wording. A 3" by 5" RSVP card with an Mandu motif
  • RSVP Envelope. A1 size/ 4 bar RSVP envelope which fits the RSVP card. There are 4 options of RSVP envelopes to choose from.
  • Outer Envelope. A slightly larger than 8.5" by 5,5" outer envelope made with ivory metallic text weight paper is included (shown in the photo)

A shimmery ivory card stock is used to print the 2 panels of the invite, RSVP card and the RSVP envelope. Handmade teal cotton paper with gold and red diamond print is used to line the hard bound cover.A silk tassel is tied around the belly of the invitation
This Assembly Includes Format Size
Invitation panel Card Flat 5" x 8" (approx)
Invitation Hardbound Base Hard bound book cover 5.5"x 8.5" (approx)
Invitation Outer Envelope A9 size Fits the Invite
RSVP Card Flat 3"x 5"
RSVP Envelope A1 or 4 Bar 3-5/8 x 5-1/8
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